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FRDC FISH - Volume 23 number 3


FRDC FISH Publication  - Volume 23 number 3
September 2016

4    Eyes on the prize
6    Scales provide age data for 'living fossil'
7    In Brief
8    Quality a global passport
12    Industry news
13    Fisheries congress set to bring the world to Adelaide
14    New value from seafood
18    Fishing for culture
20    Flexible investment approach
21    Leadership skills to connect shared aspirations
22    Evolution of quality and collaboration
24    Reef revival
28    Culinary young guns tour NSW regions
30    Innovation focus to drive fisheries productivity
31    Students win for presentations on aquaculture research
32    Fisheries go on the record
34    WA looks to aquaculture for growth
36    Community stake in skate survival
38    A voice for fishers

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