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Camping / kayaking trip.

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Above from check out their site. There are quite a few freebies along the condamine as stock reserves.

Chep Buxley:

We got camping site at sunshine coast. It's $100 for two tents a bit steep but all we could find anyway fishing in ocean in morning then looking for nice place to go in afternoon , how is lake McDonald? we really want to catch sooty grunter or something different , what's a good river or lake to try up that way we got two kayaks and heaps of lures .
cheers joseph

You are too far south for natural range of sootys but there was a report of a population of them in the mary.
Lake mcdonald is spilling but open for fishing. there are usually a few bass there.
The dam is stocked with yellas,silvers ,bass and the iconic mary river cod and naturally occurring spanglys and tandans. Nice lake just to have a paddle around and make certain you wash the cabonba off when you have finished.
If you launch from near the hatchery and can see some of the volunteers working you may be fortunate enough for one of them to show you around if so that will be the highlight of your holiday.

cee bee:
You could also try ewen maddock dam near landsborough. Good fishing and nice scenery.


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