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Blue Fin 375 Jon Boat

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Blue Fin have released a new model. The Jon Boat will suit the skinny water and electric impoundments fisho, that is looking for a little more than a canoe, and not as much as a full on boat.
The pictures are of a 375 Jon Boat, with paint, and cast deck, you can order the same boat with a 60 ltr livewell( 375 Bass pro)
Length, 3.75 mtr. Length overall with rails, 3.95 mtr
Beam, 1.165 mtr
Hull depth, 400 mm
Weight, bass pro with live well, 75kg
2 of us in the shop had no trouble lifting, i could put it on roof racks myself, with a little thought quite easily
Available from all good Blue Fin Dealers :youbeauty

G'Day Paul,

Thanks for the info.

Have you got bigger pictures? I'm trying to work out what the hell those front end extras are? Are they solid (as in deck) or are they religious (holy)?

And who is this Jon fella? He makes boats at alot of different companies.  :P



I was wondering the same thing!! I had a look at the website and seems they have the bowmount leccy mounted in the middle with the shaft sitting in the middle of those extra bits so they may just be bumper bars for the leccy.  They certainly look the goods though.


More pics showing electric motor placement

Ah, that makes it much clearer, thanks Paul. The bars are to protect the Minn Kota then. Jon is a clever fellow.  ;)

Can you get those filled in?




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