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Futter Creek

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I have not been fishing there yet . But, as I have a new lens for the camera I wanted to test it out. A plethora of bird life in and around the creek.

Always some interesting stuff in Futter.  What lens did you get?

Canon 300D SLR camera..150 - 500 lens on it now.

I just have to get the yak in there idea what fish may be in there but it looks the good for a great paddle.

There was an Osprey nest down towards the big water too.  That 150 to 500 will really bring the birds in.  I just put an 18 to 300 on my Nikon and I'm looking for a fixed 500 now.  There's plenty of fish there too.  Just near the old railway bridge has produced plenty of Barra.  I got a Yellowbelly in Futter Creek too.


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