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Capt. Toddy:
Hi everyone,

I hope the mods don't object to this, but remove if you see fit.

I've been making lures in one form or another for over 10 years. I start by hand carving timber and foam lures for my own personal collection then moved to a lathe and started producing a few more for mates and the odd sale.

Fast forward a few more years and I moved from timber to moulding lead into spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and chatterbaits, then decided to diversify and also make soft plastics too.

Not happy with selling at the markets once a month, I have now finished a website so I can share my lures with fishos outside of Dubbo.     

If you're keen, have a look.


Is there a return link to Sweetwater?

Happy to help promote Aussie made lures, but a return link is required so that search engines don't penalise this site....

Or we can organise a great banner advertising package for you that will get seen thousands of times a day driving customers direct to your site. See
See below for example

Or, we can sell your lures through the Sweetwater Store in which case we advertise them here for no charge.

Are we going to see these lures at the Aussie Lure Expo this year?

Capt. Toddy:
Thanks for moving Admin. At this stage I haven't put any links up, but will be happy to. I'll look into advertising a bit more and make a decision soon.

I'm also looking into the Australian Lure & Fly Expo.




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