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Of course itís fun to catch fish when on a fishing expedition, be it just a day out or a 3 or 4 day fishing holiday and it goes without saying ďwe all tend to be disappointed when we either come home empty handed or with very little to brag aboutĒ. Some of the unpleasant aspects of prolonged fishing trips that people donít think of are terribly cracked thumbs & fingers due to having your hands in and out of hard water all & every day, sometimes they can crack to the point of bleeding, so what do we do about it ?, Well itís very un-manly to be seen rubbing hand lotion but a bit of bepanthum rubbed in just before bed stopís us from whacking on useless band aids that fall off just as soon as we put our hands back in the water, not to mention the trouble you get trying to re-tie a hook or lure with them on,
The next issue is not to limit yourself to a specific species or a minimum number of catch for the day, I recently landed 48 fish over a 4 day fishing trip with 43 of them being forked tailed catfish and I had an absolute ball with the cattyís and I must tell you they do put up a rod bending fight and at 63 to 73 cm long y.ou get just as much a thrill using light gear as you would with the more popular species 
Now I made a point of talking to most of the people either on the water or the boat ramp at the end of the day and most of them were disappointed with their catch or no catch at all, or they seemed to debate whether their science of lure chose, water temperature or whatever the reason for being disappointed was,
For me it was as easy as purchasing some frozen prawns or popping a couple bait nets in the water as soon as I got there (Monduran) and pre-rigged 3 other rods with different lures on them and I must tell you it was enough to keep me busy all day, every day having a baited line in the water while I flicked my lures and I must say Ďthe bait line went off nearly every time I picked a spot to stop and try my luckĒ, I had a ball regardless of the species and it got to the stage where I was trying to see just how big a catty I could catch, (no regrets),
With little knowledge of proper lure types & presentation I canít advise except to troll through past post like those of members like aussiebasser, rayke1938 and the administrators, these guys are a wealth of information and they donít mind giving a no-nonsenses approach to a (How To), follow their advice and forget about the whingers of fishing politics and you will have great days and great storyís to share on our forums, I certainly would love to read them. 

Sometimes it's the fishing, and not the catching that makes a trip memorable.


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