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G'day Fishing Yakkers!!

I will soon be in possession of some paddles that I will be selling through my website.  Whilst I am awaiting my first delivery of products I am taking the opportunity to gather some paddlers that would be interested in testing and giving some feedback on them.  I am looking for a total of 4 testers with Fitzy already putting his hand up for the one when I asked permission to post this article.  In return for your valued feedback (good or bad) you will be able to keep the paddle no strings attached other than the one that is on the handle of course ;D   I am happy to post the products free of charge or deliver around brissy.  Further details will be finalised once I have the testers in place and a release date for sale a short time after that. 

Thanks Fitzy for allowing me the opportunity to ask the members of Sweetwater to undertake this testing.  It is appreciated and I am assured quality feedback from top quality people  :youbeauty 

I guess its a first past the post race with Fitzy securing the first paddle so the next 3 in are winners!!!

These are sit on and sit in specific aswell so please indicate your requirements with your reply.  Thanks again Sweetwater Community.

Regards and Thanks
Colin Linton

Sorry I forgot to add this pic.

This gives you a better idea of size etc.



I have a go, looks interesting.

So if you have not got the numbers,I would be interested in position 2

Sit On


Thanks for that mate I certainly will take you up on that  :yourock  Thanks I will be in touch soon, I am hoping to have the paddles tomorrow afternoon.  Thanks again.  2 spots left to fill 1 x Sit on and 1 x Sit in.


Has a sit in kayak if that one is still available. Travel to Bris most days. Well as few as I can get away with. Otherwise am to be found near Bribie.
Cheers John


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