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BRaid choice

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Without getting into weight classes, I'd like to see what brands of braid people prefer. I tend to favour those with a round profile and am currently liking Bionic, Whiplash, Suffix 832, Platypus, Power Pro and Castaway. Don't even talk to me about Berkley Fireline!

Are you talking about for bait caster reels or spin reels?

I prefer a true braid on bait casters, while I recon some of the fused lines (they aint bloody braided) work better in spin reels due to their simple memory; the line comes off the reel better.

I like FINs & Bionic (gotta support the locals) in the briaded stuff, the melted stuff I use fireline.



Spiderwire Stealth. Always done the job for me. Tried and true, one of the thinnest braids you can get your hands on, nice and limp, buy it by the truck load from the states easily.

FINS is what I use.....

I use finns and fireline, had powerpro but got a bad batch, 30lb that broke at maybe 8lb breaking strain.


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