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Author Topic: Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report. November 2011  (Read 2601 times)

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Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report. November 2011
« on: October 31, 2011, 10:07:21 PM »
Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report.For 31st October 2011
Snowy Mountains Trout Festival 29th October – 4th November

Steve Williamson’s Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Adventures.
Shop -02 64561551

 The 38th Snowy Mountains Trout Festival starts this week on Friday 29th October.
Biggest fish weighed in for the competition yesterday was a brown trout 2069 gram gutted caught by Pascal Hatzis in Lake Jindabyne.

Last Weekends FishingWell Saturday was not the most pleasant day for fishing weather wise with showers and cooler conditions however the fishing was excellent with the shore based angling outstanding.
Very heavy rain overnight and throughout the day higher up in the mountains had the rivers and creaks flowing quickly and combined with a little runoff from the snow, the lake level rose slightly bringing the fish into the bank and if you were lucky enough to get a spot on the bank where a creek ran into the lake, there was plenty of trout caught especially on bait.
The biggest fish in the Snowy Mountains Trout Festival came out of Jindabyne and was 2069 grams gutted, but what amazed me was that there were just as many anglers not registered in the competition than there were registered and the largest fish we say on the day would have been 3kg gutted and he was not in the competition!
Boat trollers plodded the way through the day, braving the rain and cooler conditions and most were rewarded with fish but not as many as the land based anglers.
Fly anglers also did well around the lake edges in the evening after the rain stopped.
Lure anglers also had a better evening than they did earlier in the day.

All in all, the sceptics that said the lake would fish badly after the water levels dropped, were proven to be wrong and in fact the fishing could not have been better given the weather conditions.

LAKE LEVEL and TEMPERATUREWater temperatures have risen to about 13 degrees Celsius another couple of degrees should be better for the boat trollers. The level has risen about 2 inches overnight due to all the rain in the mountains.
Best methods to catch a trout.
Best method – Bait fishing.
Best lake lure – Steve Williamson black/orange Tasmanian Devil number or Y82 has been good between 2 and 5 metres deep. Try also a Y50 on brighter days. See extended report for other lures.
Best Thredbo River Lure – Celtas in reds and glow orange Vibrax
Best lake area – East Jindabyne Islands and Hatchery Bay.
Best fly method lake – Black Woolley Buggers has been good last week.
Best River – The lower Thredbo is still the best.
Best River Fly – Bead head nymphs and maybe a mayfly pattern or ant pattern some evenings
Let’s have a look at what the fishing is going to be like over the next week.

Trolling.Still worth a surface line out early with a minnow lure like a Rapala, but most fish are still a little deeper.
If you really want good fish you are going to have to target them by trolling lures close to the bottom as that is where the big browns are sitting while they look for yabbys, so that’s the other hint is you must know where the best areas are for yabbys?
Lead core lines at two colours (20 metres) to three colours are good. (20 to 30 metres of line out will get your lure down an extra 2 to 3 metres) so if your lure is down 3 metres you need to be in no more than 4 metres of water to get fish on the bottom..
Anglers with downriggers are catching fish all day at 25 feet to 30 feet of water. Flashing attractors might help on the quite days.
The best lure over the last week has been a black and orange Tasmanian Devil like the Y82 preferably in Duel Depth (20 gram) to get a little deeper. The Y48 duel depth is also worth a try on dull days or deeper down.
New Tassies that are going well are the numbers 107 and 102.
The new Rapala colour Orange Tiger is still going well in the CD5 and 7 but any Rapala with a touch or orange will be an advantage.
Other lures worth a mention are the 3 inch Stumpjumpers in RT and BT colours and the Vibrax Bluefox size 2 Rainbow Trout is also very good at the moment. For minnows also try the Trollcraft Fingerling in 1063 Traffic Lights colour.
If you want to try something different then the new Gillies Bendbacks are still going extreamly well with TB06 Gold and TB01 great especially for bigger Atlantic salmon.
A little Stimulate slow release gel on the lures will add a little attractant when the fishing is slow or the trout are hitting lures and not mouthing them.
If the fishing is quite then try trolling worms, mudeyes or even bardi grubs behind attractors.
East Jindabyne islands, Hayshed Bay, Lion and Cub Islands and the South arm have been fishing very well.

Lake Bait Fishing  (Primarily most rivers and streams in the Snowy Mountains Region are fly and lure only, We recommend that you first check with the Department of Industry and Investment NSW (NSW Fishing rules) as to which rivers in the area you can legally bait fish in. IF IN DOUBT DON’T BAIT FISH in the RIVERS!)
The best artificial baits at the moment are Rainbow Paste, Chunky Cheese, Lime twist, Sherbet and the old favorite lemon twist. Scrub worms off the bottom and a power bait dropper will be the best middle of the day for the brown trout. Bardi Grubs for big brown is also the best. Browns are again taking small yabbys as well.
Tiger worms or scrub worms under a float have been doing very well also for rainbows and Atlantic salmon.
Best areas for bait fishing at the moment have been, Hatchery Bay area, East Jindabyne and The Claypits through to the Jindabyne Holiday Park.

Lake Spinning
Early morning and late evening are still the best times.
Spin close around rocky outcrops for best results later on in the day in the day.
Use smaller lures like Celtas or Gillies Spinners around the shallow bays after dark.
Check out the new glow in the dark Vibrax spinners you will be surprised how well they work in fringe light to dark when used around the edges of the rising lake in the shallows. Try the new Rapala UV torch to charge up your glow in the dark lures. When working the lake edges, don’t stay in one place too long and only put in a couple of casts in each area. Keep moving! Also change lures to suit the water depth.

River SpinningCeltas are now better there is less water flow. Red and gold the best colours. Also the new Gillies Feathertail spinners are also worth a try with the best colours being  FT01 and FT06. In the Gillies Crossblades you might try the CB02 for early in the morning and the CB07 for later.
In Rapalas the F5 BTR brook trout is well worth trying as well, as it has had some good days when it’s been cloudy or before the sun is over the water.

Fly Fishing RiverAs stated a little dry fly now starting to happen.
On the Thredbo River it’s mostly been ant patterns and Caddis. The tea trees still haven’t started to flower yet so some of our normal fly patterns, like beetles and white moths are still a way off yet.
The Mowambah is fishing OK lower down towards the weir, and yes some caddis and ant patterns the best

Fly Fishing LakeThe fishing last week was just fantastic with Woolley Buggers or larger flies still the best.
Craigs Night time and Williamson’s Goldfish have been two flies well worth using at dawn and dusk.
The weed beds are now up to the waters edge and if you sight a fish in the shallows you may be better to cast a smaller fly than a larger fly, something like a green nymph.

For visitors to the Snowy’s we have a full range of fishing tackle for hire at my shop and fishing tours are now available.

For more information on the latest fishing conditions, please call into –
             Shop 1 Snowline Centre, Kosciuszko Road Jindabyne 2627
Fishing Charters – Bait  and Tackle Supplies- Marine Supplies
P.M.B. 5 Jindabyne NSW 2627             E-mail
Shop – (02) 64 561551  Fax – (02) 64 572991


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