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99 Hilux


Cool a 4X4 board.Timing is perfect.I will start.
Well just on Christmas I backed into the next door neighbours car when I got called into work on a day off and that was the catalyst to do some stuff to the ute.Because it needed a bit to be done.
So I duked it out with the insurance company after paying my excess and they paid me out for the damage to the back of the ute and they fixed the next door neighbours car.
I then sourced out a bloke and for the money I got payed could get me a reasonably good condition tray.He was a waste of space so I found another bloke for a bit more money could get me a new one.So on that went and off the other one went to the tip.
I then found the chrome bumper new/secondhand on ebay and that was mine.After that I then sold a rod which got me enough money to put black rims on.Glad I did.
I reckon they look good.
The other day I found a good bar out at Boonah for a reasonable price and I thought I will have that.In the middle of all that I put an extra battery and VSR in for the fridge,keyless entry,new radiator,cv boots,timing belt,Altezza tail lights,flush mount plugs in the back,backing lights and a little bit of other stuff.The canopy went on about 12 months ago.
The only thing left now is some rust around the windscreen to be removed where arsehole windscreen fitters used a stanley knife and a snorkel which I can get off ebay for a couple of hundred and I will be happy.I will probably add a awning as well.
Most of the stuff except the engine stuff have done myself so its been very enjoyable.


The old bitch is looking good Toddy.

Plenty of room in the back for Gazzas camp over stuff for when you two go away fishin. :)

Hahhaaha :)


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