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MRFSA Catfish Challenges


MRFSA Catfish Challenges

The MRFSA Catfish Challenges are coming up in March.

With two separate competitions to cover different crews.

Where: Bedford Weir
When: 21 - 22 March 2015 & 28 - 29
Host: Mackenzie River Fish Stocking Assn

No canteen or draws.
Catfish Only.
Nominate at the Weir on the weekend of your choice.
Cost: $25pp per weekend.

For more information contact Dennis (0438 635 840) or Steve (0429 165 756)

See attached flyer for more info

There's forkies in the weir out there? Mongrels are everywhere!


--- Quote from: Binder on March 10, 2015, 09:59:41 AM ---There's forkies in the weir out there? Mongrels are everywhere!

--- End quote ---

There's forkies in every feeder system of the Fitzroy River. Caught them waaay further upsstream from there.....

In plague proportions at the moment too. It has even been hard to get a surface lure past them intended for a Toga.  :Hunting)


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