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Goulburn Fishing Festival 2015


Goulburn Fishing Festival 2015

Come and celebrate the opening of the trout season in rivers at the Goulburn Fishing Festival on Saturday 5 September, 2015.
Based at the Eildon Community Centre, the free Festival is on from 10am until 5pm.

Activities include:
  -  talk to experts about fishing for trout, natives and redfin
 -   trade and tackle displays
  -  Dave ‘the barefoot fisherman’ Hodge casting demonstrations
  -  trout delights from a chef
  -  children’s activities, including a jumping castle
  -  fireworks over the Eildon Pondage
  -  free guided tours of the Snobs Creek fish hatchery
  -  fishing clinics at the Eildon Pondage
  -  help stock live trout
  -  try fly fishing


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