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General Discussion / Re: Big Bass
« Last post by Member on August 07, 2018, 07:19:15 AM »
I have seen a few really large bass caught at north pine dam myself and one day i saw a guy with a couple of fish that easily covered the floor of a large esky with heads and tails sitting upright against the sides of the box. They may have looked bigger than they were and they were not taken out of the box and measured in front of me but they did look huge. Earn grant in his guide to fishes book says bass have been recorded up to 10 kilos but says they are more commonly caught at a weight a lot less than that. I can,t argue with a man of his calibre but bass like that would be rare now,a bit like the murray cod of the old days which grew to well over 100 pounds in the old scale. Maybe there might be a few big ones left in remote areas and backwaters in some dams. Hooking up to one of them would certainly test our 3 pound lines and 1000 spin reels!
Fishing Videos / Opening Day. I'm Back.
« Last post by Member on August 06, 2018, 08:47:16 PM »
Have not posted for a couple of months. I explain why in the vid.
Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy.
General Discussion / Re: Big Bass
« Last post by Member on August 06, 2018, 06:37:17 PM »
Still waiting for Old Mate to find his SIM card.... :(
Moogerah was a dam known for big bass back before the fish kill. Plenty of boney bream for food.
Just up the road is Maroon known for it's little bass.
News Views & Press Releases / Opening weekend outlook
« Last post by Member on August 06, 2018, 04:02:01 PM »
Opening weekend outlook

Most inland waters open this weekend.  

The brown trout fishing season starts on Saturday 4 August and the outlook is fantastic.

Winter has so far delivered good rain in the West, Northwest, North and South of the state.

Today dams in the Mersey/Forth, Pieman and the lower Derwent catchments are spilling with the upper Derwent filling quickly. Storages in the Eastern half of the state have had less rain. Favourites such as Tooms Lake and Lake Leake are filling slowly and will still be low for Saturday.

Anglers should expect strong flows in most rivers. More good rain is forecast for Friday and Sunday so keep watch for some exciting backwater fishing if rivers break their banks.

In the Central Highlands, Bronte Lagoon and the Bradys Chain are close to spilling and are sure to attract some attention. There is a lot of talk about Penstock Lagoon on the back of its exceptional performance last season and winter stocking program. If you want to avoid the crowd then maybe Woods Lake or Lake Crescent could be worth a try. 

Other popular venues will be Four Springs Lake in the North and the lower section of the River Derwent in the South. If you want to avoid the crowds at Four Springs Lake then Huntsman Lake might be worth a try. Huntsman Lake is very full and the flooded margins are likely to bring good numbers of fish in range for shore-based anglers. Don’t forget all methods are now permitted.

With great flows and levels in waters across the state there are so many options, you just need to get out find them.

Remember, if you do decide to go, keep safe, being careful around fast flowing waters and always wearing your life jacket in your boat.

Enjoy your fishing!
Source: Opening weekend outlook
General Discussion / Re: Big Bass
« Last post by Member on August 06, 2018, 03:52:14 PM »
I'd be interested to hear what people think about which impoundment holds the biggest bass.
Around a decade ago I was haunting the North Pine Dam area and over a period of 2 or so years caught up to a dozen "mid fifties' bass. Fishing was great back then when the dam was down to about 30% capacity.
My largest was 55cm, would also love to see a picture of a genuine 60+ cm bass.
News Views & Press Releases / South Riana Dam worth a go when the new season starts
« Last post by Member on August 01, 2018, 04:03:24 PM »
South Riana Dam worth  a go when the new season starts

Today sees the start of the new licence period. Put down your 2017-18 season angling licence. Pick up your 2018-19 season licence.

As you think about where you might go on Saturday, consider the South Riana Dam on the NW Coast.

Over 23 to 25 July, we did an assessment of the brown trout population at South Riana Dam

To prepare for the assessment we released 400 adult brown trout of around 800 grams into the Dam a month ago. We clipped their adipose fin so we could identify them when we recaptured them during the survey.

Over two nights we captured 115 brown trout at an average weight of 1 kg. Ten percent of fish weighed between 1.5 – 2.5 kg. Some of the fish over 2 kg, were showing signs of old age and beginning to lose condition. The fish under 500 mm were in good condition. 

The recapture of adipose fin clipped fish was very low. This makes it unreliable to accurately estimate the population size. 

Compared to other fishery assessments over the past two years, the catch rate was moderately low at 2.13 fish per trap. This is similar to the result for the Lake Leake in July 2017 at 2.54 fish per trap, but well down on figures for Little Pine Lagoon at 4.64 fish per trap and Penstock Lagoon at 3.6 fish per trap.

So, what does this mean for the opening of the trout season at South Riana Dam. There is a better than even chance of catching a good fish if you put in a reasonable days fishing. If you are lucky, you may even hook a fish of over 2kg! Remember, there are at least an additional 400 adult fish swimming around, so give this water a go!

Length/weight relationship for brown trout, South Riana Dam 2018
Source: South Riana Dam worth  a go when the new season starts
This trout season brings new Anglers Access Program brochures and signs

We have updated our Anglers Access Program brochures.

The Anglers Access Program team, mostly Neil Morrow, has replaced over 200 signs around the state.

All in time for the start of the 2018-19 trout season.

Our Minister, Sarah Courtney, released the Tasmanian Inland Recreational Fishery Management Plan 2018‑28 in June. The Plan ensures Tasmania’s world-class trout fishery performs to its best. It guides the management for the next decade.

With the new Plan comes quite a lot of regulation change. These include changes to bag limits, size limits, angling methods for Huntsman Lake, the all-year boundaries for the River Derwent and the River Leven, the introduction of Junior Angling Development fisheries and more.

We have updated our Angler Access Program brochures, the Tasmanian Inland Fishing Code 2018-19 and the InFish App. Make sure you have latest information and update the InFish app ready for the season.
Source: This trout season brings new Anglers Access Program brochures and signs
General Discussion / Re: Big Bass
« Last post by Member on July 31, 2018, 09:03:12 PM »
Can't wait to see the photos. Every bass fisherman in Australia would like to see a 60cm bass measured.
General Discussion / Re: Big Bass
« Last post by Member on July 31, 2018, 10:21:19 AM »
I'll have to get the photos off my old simcard and upload them! All photos were taken on a bragmat too  :thumbsup
News Views & Press Releases / Winter fish transfers
« Last post by Member on July 31, 2018, 10:03:12 AM »
Winter fish transfers

The opening of the 2018-19 brown trout season is fast approaching.

Great excitement surrounds this season’s opening, and rightly so. Almost 30 000 adult wild brown trout ran into our migratory fish traps since April. Many have been released into Assisted Lake fisheries.

To compliment the brown trout stockings, we stocked over 13 000 triploid rainbow trout into fisheries around the state.

The Brady’s chain of lakes received over 10 000 wild brown trout, mostly from Lake King William. With good facilities and wonderful shore based access, it’s worth giving these lakes some attention early in the season.

Penstock Lagoon was topped up with over 3 000 wild brown trout and 1 000 rainbow trout. The Lagoon and is again expected to fish well right through the season. Remember that the daily bag limit is now two fish with a minimum size of 400 mm and only one fish over 500 mm.

Waters in the Central Highlands receiving some quality wild browns include Lake Crescent, Camerons, Bruisers Lagoons, and the Nineteen Lagoons area. Dee Lagoon received 1 000 triploid rainbows that are sure to give anglers a run for their money.

In the south, Lake Dulverton received over 200 brown trout. Craigbourne Dam was stocked with 1 100 wild browns and 1 000 rainbow trout.

On the east coast, we released quality yingina/Great Lake brown trout. Tooms Lake received 1 000, and Lake Leake, 1 100. These waters also received triploid rainbow trout (Tooms Lake - 1 500 and Lake Leake – 2 100).

In the north the popular Four Springs Lake was topped up with 4 039 wild brown trout and 2 100 rainbows. Blackmans Lagoon and Curries River Reservoir both got 600 browns and 200 rainbows. Brushy Lagoon received over 200 quality wild browns and over 300 large rainbow trout.

We gave a new fishery an injection of life in the states northeast. We put 500 triploid rainbow trout into Briseis Hole at Derby. Not far down the road at Pioneer Lake, we released another 500 excellent rainbow trout.

As well as 500 triploid rainbow trout, into the Pet Reservoir, we released 600 wild, fin clipped, brown trout. Into South Riana Dam we released another 400 wild, fin clipped brown trout. These fish are part of a “mark and recapture” in-lake survey. These surveys will help assess the fisheries performance.

A popular early season water in the north west is Lake Kara. It will again attract attention due to 320 large rainbows (some up to 5kg) we released there during the winter.

We wish you all the best for the 2018-19 trout-fishing season opening on Saturday 4 August.
Source: Winter fish transfers
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