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NS Hurricane and Ones rods

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There's another rod series on the market now imported by EJ Todd. It's called the NS series and includes Hurricane, Ones, and Black hole. The rods are made in Korea and I'd be interested in hearing from any forum members who have used one. They look pretty good and the Bass varieties have micro guides.

I haven't  used one but did have a real close look at a Ones 6'1" 6-14lbs 2piece baitcaster to match with a diawa alphas type R. They look like a great rod. I was a little concerned that it would be a bit tip heavy but seemed ok when I married them up together.

Yeh mate, I wasn't sure but went and got the 5-10lb Micro 2 pce baitcaster. I put my Sol on it and it slings a 10gram lure a good distance. I think those micro guides help with accuracy too. I used an improved Albright leader knot and no problems with the guides.

Good to know about your leader knot. The micro guides look problematic but unlike a spinning reel, the line on a baitcaster comes of a lot "straighter" so the micro guides don't have any issues with line coiling.

Hey mate I have both the bait caster and the spin both amazing did have some issues with my knots but fix now you can feel everything and the bags they come in are great you can put 2 rod in one bag  :youbeauty


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