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Rod recommendations

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Hey guys just wanted to see what you would recommend for a new rod.

Unfortunately i snapped my Daiwai Black series Cranky rod the weekend just gone, great rod caught many a good fish on it.

It will be used with Shimano Curado 200 and used from a yak in both salt and fresh with 20lb fins braid casting lures etc

When I bought it, that was the first time i spend that much on a rod and I know you can spend a lot more and the Cranky was a good rod don't get me wrong. 

Do you get what you pay for with rods?

Would spending $100-200 on a rod a little expensive or spend a little more.   I have friends that use cheaper rods and they work a treat.

I mean you could spend $200 plus on a rod and snap it the first session you use it haha

Your thoughts and suggestions, Thanks in advance

If your bait fishing, a fibreglass or compound rod like an ugly stik  is hard to beat.
If you're lure fishing, have a look at the pflueger trion range, good value carbon rods.

First lesson in Fishing Rods.  The higher the $, the higher the carbon content.  The higher the carbon content, the easier the rod breaks under extreme bends.  An extreme bend is any bend that puts the tip at greater than 90 degrees to the butt.  If you want a rod that you can touch the tip to the butt, buy an ugly stick or a fibreglass rod.
The Daiwa Black series are very good value for money.

+1 for the Pflueger Trion series. I've had a few and found them fantastic value for money. Keep an eye out for them when they go on special

Depends what your fishing for right now im in love with the gomoku jigging rods alot of bend like over 90 degrees from butt but super strong the pe 1-3  can dead lift 16 kilos and not snap worth 150 and come in both spin and bait cast


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