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Travel rod option


When I do my first cod trip I picked up a combo at my local BCF that was at a price I could not refuse. The rod is a Daiwa Gen Black Lunker Clunker 603MLFB (3 piece) and I matched that with a Shimano Caenan 150HG, it should be a pretty good small cod rod.


I currently use a six ft silstar and a six ft ugly stik gold cause they are both tough as nails  gorge country is no place for delicate graphite rods..i use shimano 2000 2500 reels one has six pd braid the other ten pd braid..i have caught fish up to 97cm in the last couple of seasons all in rivers most in very rocky gorge country ..I have never felt undergunned with these outfits..six ft rods are easier to carry and cast with in bush conditions on rivers..if I hit dams I go seven ft graphite for more feel and longer hoping to have a fish on sunday or Monday  the rivers should have at least some water in them now..six weeks ago we were confronted with small pools and hardly any flow..the recent rains will have a plus side for the cod to move...I will report when I get back..rick

The Daiwa Gen Blacks are a good tough rod.

if I get a chance this wknd il have a look at them ..ive damaged graphites before in boats without trying so ive been hesitant to use them in tiger country..

So I have obtained and finalized the rod options for the cod trip. What are the members thoughts on what I have selected?

Spin Rod - 3 piece Diawa Black Sniper 703MHFS, 7-21g & 4-7kg matched with a Shimano Biomaster SW4000 XG - will run braid thru this. What braid would you recommend?

Baitcaster Rod - 3 piece Diawa Lunker Hunter 603MLFB 3-14g & 2-6kg matched with a Shimano Casitas 150HG reel (Had originally bought a Caenan 150HG but got a deal on the Casitas) - again will run braid thru this so what braid & breaking strain would you recommend?

Will be using various spinner baits, surface walkers and crank baits for smallish cod. May also do a trip to Glenlyon Dam for a trolling session.

So, am I on the money as far as gear goes or am I under gunned?


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