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Can anyone recommend what would be the best all round rifle to use against Deer, Pigs, Foxes and Rabbits?

Someone suggested a 303 (Ex Army) would be ideal. I was thinking about using a scope also.

Any advice or suggestions are welcome.
Cheers, Bondy

Deer and pigs arent lightweights .. well depends on what deer you are talking about but whatever caliber you need for deer and or pigs will just turn foxes and rabbits into paddock pizza

Not sure about up here, but the minimum calibre for Deer used to be .270 and that's too much rifle for bunnies

Hi Bondy ,
l was a pro shooter in western NSW for several years [whilst having other jobs] and everything had to be head shot [for the chillers , or for skins].
75% of goats and pigs were taken with a 243 , the rest with a 270 or a custom built 30/06.
Foxes , roos's , cats , wild dogs were taken with a 22/250 or an old battered 223. Again , all head shot. Sometimes , when there was no wind , l would use a 17Remington on the foxes.
Never worried about rabbits but would take a few for dogs or myself to eat with a 22.

l dont think there is 'one' rifle that would do everything you want to do properly , but 223 and 243 are both very versatile especially if you plan on rolling your own reloads. l shot a lot of pigs and goats with the 223 when walking dams/creeks. Just had to place the shot well.

Buy the best rifle/scope you can afford. l used Remington , Sako  , Brno and Tikka rifles , and Leupold or Pecar scopes.

lf you want to get an ex-military rifle , go for a Swedish Mauser in 6.5x55 cal. Try to get one with a good barrel and tight action.
You can get them drilled for a scope mount , and with a 3-9x40 scope you can hunt a lot of game with it. Though with rabbits you will get 'paddock pizza'  :))

But the most fun was hunting pigs on foot with a single shot , falling block Sharps replica 45/70 calibre with a huge octagonal barrel and peep sights.  :D

Hope this helps ,

308 for larger animals, pigs, etc, and a 222 or 223 for lighter.
VIC regulates 270 for Sambar, but lighter deer its not required
270 is a great round if you are only buying one gun, 7mm 08 would be my preferred for one gun, i have a preference for short action rifles. 270 is a long action, Each to their own
You can use 223 for heavier stuff but shot placement is important, sometimes its what is in your hands is used, and in close it doesnt matter.
If budget is not an issue, 1000 to 1500 will buy a good quality new rifle,
You can buy a new Howa for around 600 if you shop around, which is great value. I bought a 2nd hand brno in 308 early this year for 550, and it is a great rifle. Go to the gunstore and have a feel, all second hand guns are graded in condition, some of them can be a bargain. A new CZ brno is approx 1200 today. I like old guns, but if i was shooting it everyday, i would buy a Howa, and when it wears out, buy another
Whatever you do, make sure you know what you want, if its carry around hunting, dont fall for the trick of buying a heavy barrel for greater accuracy. Sporter weight will still be very accurate for hunting purposes


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