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Best Rifle

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Not really the rifles fault although actions arent made how they used to be.

Was using a brick of federal primers that had been recalled for the very reason that the odd one was blowing out the side wall of the primer pocket.

It pitted the bolt face but had the rifle sent back to NIOA trading under warrenty to get the bolt face polished and pressure tested.

They sent the rifle back to me with the all clear and a new 1000 federal primers
I could never use the rifle the same after i am sure it was a mental thing but can use my dads fine.


From my past life shooting hogs, goats and odd deer every 2nd weekend, I ended up sticking with a 22/250 for shooting from the ute or staking out a hill top. A touch of overkill for bunnies and foxes but at least didn't spray them all over the paddock, maybe a touch under gunned for a decent hog at times. When on foot I'd take the SKK (apparently you're not allowed to have these any more  :Oops) ) or the tough as nails old 30/30 in thick scrub (brigalow or lantana etc), alot of bang and as accurate as a catapult after 60 feet but would pull up a hog in its tracks if you hit it. 

243 is generally regarded as a good allrounder

A 303 will stop a pig for sure, and the one behind it, also handy if you happen to run into a bull elephant while walking thru the scrub.  :OMG

Bushwaker and Sweetwater,

Thanks very much for the additional info, it will certainly give me something to think about.

I wonder if the 303 can still be purchased these days?


Another one to chew on i dropped a micky bull the other day out of a ladys paddock with a .243 with 1 shot.

You might have to re live some of your past lif one day Fitzy

I will back the others and say the 243 is a good all round rifle. I do a fair bit of deer hunting and bit of dog and pig hunting and i wouldn't be one bit worried in carrying a 243. All to do with getting in close and shot position.  I usaully hunt deer with a 30-06 but or compound bow now. Dogs usually with 223 or 243 and then little stuff with 22 or 22 mag.


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