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Paddling The Next


Took me a long time to get back after testing the Old Town Next ,I had been keeping track of it since its conception and fell in love at first sight
Old Town said they had built a 13ft canoe that paddles like a kayak well after over 100 yrs building canoes its no surprise they got it right
The Next paddles and tracks very good with the double blade its like being on a 13ft kayak yet all the room of a canoe great for camping gear
Its quiet light on the water and responds quick to a blade,but it takes some getting used to in the rapids as she can turn on spit

Seat is very comfortable it moves back or forward 6 inches , foot pegs have great adjustment the pocket behind the seat could fit a besser block its the big
with the low profile you can step in or sit your bum in first and lift your legs its quiet easy to get in or out
 I am very happy with the Old Town Next

 oh yes first fish on board was a 48cm bass 2 catfish and 1 Sootie that I dispatched on the spot as I dont believe they belong in this river

Hey Eric
           I reckon you should paint some pink/orange scales on the hull then it'll look like a big Toga
sliding through the water.


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