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Saltwater trolling motors


Does anyone know if it is alright to put an electric motor in the salt. I have ahaswing 40lb. I have been told you can't put the black ones in the salt

Minn Kota call their Saltwater series the Riptide, and they are white.  I'm not sure about the others.  Check with your dealer.

cheap motors i don't recommend like the 150$ ebay black ones but the more expensive ones should be able to do it. alot of estuary fishos now use electrics for most of the work like creeping up rivers to throw lures at bream or spot locking over reefs to drop jigs ect

Will be ok as long as you do not get salt water splashing over the head. As extra insurance take the top off the head and give the circuit board a spray with clear lacquer for additional waterproofing.
Also after fishing pull the prop and give everything a hose down with fresh water.

Technically, Salt a water motors use a sacrificial anode, fresh water motors don't.  All the hosing off in the word will not undo the chemical reaction that happens under salt water.


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