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Author Topic: Bass & Barramundi Tag Recaptures  (Read 4986 times)

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Bass & Barramundi Tag Recaptures
« on: December 13, 2010, 01:22:44 AM »
From SUNTAG News 172

                       Tag K39068
Species Australian Bass (Macquaria novemaculateata)
                       Tag details                            Recapture details

Date 26/11/1995                                          4/12/2010
Length 355mm                                              560mm
Location         Lake Somerset                       Brisbane River
Fisher             Eddie Watson                          Henry Moggs

Days Out 5,487 days (just over 15 years)
Growth 205mm (14mm/year)
Movement 63km down lakes over dam walls
Released Yes
Another long term recapture of a Bass. This one survived going over the Somerset and Wivenhoe dam walls. It cannot be determined if this fish moved during the current water releases or earlier ones after it was tagged.

Tag P45429
Species Barramundi (Lates calcarifer)
                      Tag details                              Recapture details
Date              9/11/2004                                5/12/2010
Length          1135mm                                    1220mm
Location         Lake Tinaroo                            Lake Tinaroo
Fisher            Northern Fisheries                    Robert Allan

Days Out 2217 days (6.1 years)
Growth 85mm (14mm/year)
Movement 4km in lake
Released Yes
This fish is indicative of the slower growth rate of Barramundi at larger sizes. 

Lake Wivenhoe Flood Water Release seen below

Small | Large

The above information is yet another example that fish succesfully move downstream, through or over dam walls during flood events.
The need for further tagging on many lakes is now questionable as fish movement patterns and growth rates is now well documented. Local fish management groups should be included in part of the process, and only at the request of these bodies as opposed to merely being seen as the means to providing fish for tagging.

Further, at 14mm / year growth after the mature size was reached, it further supports the need to further invest into the bass and barramundi fisheries by government sectors.
Both Lakes Somerset (and Wivenhoe) and Tinaroo are regarded as "trophy lakes" for their respective species. It is a very long time span for a fingerling fish to attain the "trophy size" that these species in these locations are renown for.

Flood events can significantly dilute the fish densitites and in short order undo many years of investment. An injection of funds for restocking immediately after flood events is required to get these fisheries back on track as soon as possible. This should be done over and above the Stocked Impoundment Permit system in Qld (or funds from Fishing Licences in other states), as this system is for maintenance only; to replace fish taken, the very basis of a user pays system.

What are your thoughts..... ??


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Re: Bass & Barramundi Tag Recaptures
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2010, 05:12:13 AM »
My thoughts? - we should continue to tag impoundment fish, after virtually 10 years of drought I doubt the growth rates are indicative (low water levels and low food levels).

If nothing else with current conditions it gives us an indication of the natural spread of fish from a waterway (with current regular overflows) that we may not get again for many years.

Yes, with the current amount of food in the dams and the great conditions we should be tossing every fish we can get our hands on in to the dams.

Yes Fisheries should allow us to stock at higher rates than permits allow during good years -say allow us a 5 year rolling stocking rate instead of yearly, if we put 5 years worth of fish in to a waterway during 2 good years, then did not stock for 3 low rain fall years,  I reckon our return would be much better than stocking evenly, with poor growth / survival rates in lean years.

Take NPD for example it had bugger all fish put in it for years (would have been none if not for SEQ water putting in 70k ) due to drought and lack of funds. We put 150k in this year, it should have been 300k to make up for missed years and losses over the wall.

Should Anna put her hand in her (our) pocket and pay for the extras?
Yes. All we would need would be her spin doctor bill for a month, that would buy every fingerling the hatcheries could produce!

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Re: Bass & Barramundi Tag Recaptures
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2011, 11:51:34 PM »
From Suntag News 174

Tag P15334
Species  Australian Bass
            Tagged                               Recaptured
Date        18.1.2005                         31.12.2010
Length     310mm                             400mm
Location   Lake Somerset                 North Pine River 
Fisher       Roy Souter                       Trevor O'Brien
Days out  2173 (5.95 years)
Growth     90 mm (15mm/year)
Movement 245 km over 2 dam walls and 1 weir, down river north through bay and up river.
Released Yes

This fish also managed to get upstream of Petrie Weir on its way up the North Pine.


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Re: Bass & Barramundi Tag Recaptures
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2011, 10:01:20 AM »
Wow, that would be one of the first Bass I have seen documented as translocating to another river system.
Also amazing is I know both the anglers responsible for the initial tagging of the Bass in this thread...(insert spooky music here)



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