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Author Topic: All Smiles at NPD 7/10/10  (Read 14172 times)

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All Smiles at NPD 7/10/10
« on: October 07, 2010, 07:33:10 PM »
Had a really good day today with Deckies Laurie and  Eug.
I felt like the lord or the manor with the deckies doing everything for me.
Baited up the redclaw pots on the way down and then straight to the fishing spot where I did so well yesterday.
 Dropped the pick and I had a fish on immediatly before the others got a line into the water.
I am going to have to take a scoreboard along as we just lost count but a conserative estimate would be over 30 fish in 3 hours fishing.
I will let the pictures tell the story.
Eug was flicking a blade around whilst soaking a shrimp when he got a bite on his bait rod and passed the blade rod to Laurie to wind in so he wouldnt get the blade snagged. Laurie had to quickly drop the blade rod because he got a bite on his rod. Whilst I was taking the vidio I also got a bite on my rod but ignored it to complete the vidio.(Click on photo to see vidio)

Small | Large




Fish were coming through in bursts at one stage I couldnt get a shrimp to the bottom and caught 3 successive bass and one yella on the drop.

Stopped fishing at 11 am and did the pots on the way back for a good feed of redclaw.
 Thanks for the company Eug and Laurie it was a great day.


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