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Author Topic: My build of a one sheet canoe  (Read 7515 times)

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My build of a one sheet canoe
« on: June 07, 2013, 12:38:22 AM »
Saw a post a while ago somewhere on the net of a one sheet canoe and liked the simplicity and price of the build so thought I would have a go at building one.

I have never built a boat before so I decided if I screwed this up, it wouldn't cost much and with winter coming up, might have some firewood but it went better than expected.

The build is very simple. You start out with a sheet of 2400 by 1200 6 mm exterior ply for $24. Knots and all.

You cut 300 mm from each side and lay these with the factory sides together and mark 75mm from one end for the bow and 50mm from the other end for the stern and mark some lines from these points to the outside of these sheets. See pic 1. 11.26am

Then make a frame of any wood you have lying around with the bottom measurement being what is left of the sheet of ply after the first 2 cuts. Mine was 590mm. The top measurement I used was 800mm. See pic2 12.16 am

Draw a centre line on your sides and screw the sides to the frame. Pic3. 12.59 am

Pull the ends together and mark this v angle on some scrap and cut 2 pieces of 4x2 at this angle and about 400mm long. These will be your bow and stern posts. Then glue and screw the ends to these posts with some overhang top and bottom. Pic4. 13.15 pm

Now to fit the chine logs. Get someone to help you bend some 40 x 12 meranti on the inside bottom of the side sheets and glue and screw these on leaving them slightly higher than the side panels. Use a straight edge to plane these chine logs flush with the sides.

Now place the leftover ply on the bottom and mark and cut just outside the line. Then glue and screw this on. Pic5. 13.20 pm

Turn your canoe over and fit some pieces of whatever across the canoe to help it hold the shape. I used some lengths of 75 x 35 I had lying around. these are overkill but make a great back rest. These are called thwarts. Next add some 40 x 12 meranti bullnose to the outside top of the side panels. I used a nice heritage instead of the standard rounded shape. These are called Gunwales. Pronounced gunnels.Pic6

Remove the frame. Lots of no more gaps. ( Don't forget the holes in the side from the frame). Prime, Paint and enjoy. Pic7

This canoe is very tippy and I wouldn't take it in anything but a very calm creek. You can add some very simple outrigers which will help a lot but for under $40 and lots of satisfaction of hitting the water in something you built, I think it is worth it.

The canoe travels very well and is fast and menouverable but tippy so pick a spot in the middle and don't move too much and all is good. I can keep up with others on their $800 kayaks but watch the free board!!

The first picture was taken on 21/05/2013 and the last 3 days later on 24/05/2013. This includes glassing the outside joins and 2 coats of exterior all weather gloss inside and out.

Hope this inspires someone to have a go as I did.


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Re: My build of a one sheet canoe
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2015, 08:41:43 PM »
I know it's been awhile - but this deserves a post! Nice build, mate! Maybe you could build an outrigger for it like the other fellow did?

Would love a follow up how its going etc! Still floating?


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