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  • FAQs - Boating and fishing permits for access to Lake Wivenhoe 5 1

Author Topic: FAQs - Boating and fishing permits for access to Lake Wivenhoe  (Read 13765 times)

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FAQs - Boating and fishing permits for access to Lake Wivenhoe
« on: December 12, 2013, 08:49:38 PM »
FAQs - Boating and fishing permits for access to Lake Wivenhoe

Restricted motorised watercraft will be permitted on Lake Wivenhoe from 14 December 2013. A variety of permits and regulations apply for boating and fishing on Lake Wivenhoe.

Before accessing the lake, ensure you have obtained your fishing or boating permit and that you are carrying your vessel with a registered trailer. View a list of outlets that sell permits below.
Boating permits are also required at many of our sites so itís important to plan your trip before you go.
Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams - Permits
 Lake Wivenhoe Information Centre
 (07) 5427 8100
 Open Monday-Friday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
 Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
 Closed: Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Additional boat permit vendors in the Wivenhoe and Somerset areas:
Lake Somerset Holiday Park
Fernvale Futures Complex
Grand Hotel Esk
Logan's Complex Campgrounds (Wivenhoe)
Somerset Park Campgrounds
Camp Somerset
Mobile Food Vendor (David Swygart)
*** Please note, Seqwater does not control the opening hours of these vendors ***

Wivenhoe Boating FAQs - HERE>>> (PFD format)

Or copied below for your information.

Power boats on Lake Wivenhoe

When will the use of power boats be permitted on Lake Wivenhoe?
From Saturday, 14 December 2013.

Vessel and engine types
Is there a restriction on the type of motorised vessel that can be used?
Vessels must only use low emission outboards/engines, such as four strokes or direct fuel-injected two strokes.
All powered watercraft using the lake must carry current registration if classed as registrable by Queensland Transport (i.e. all vessels powered by a motor of greater than four horsepower are registrable).
Jet skis and boats towing apparatus such as wakeboards and tubes are not permitted on Lake Wivenhoe. Houseboats and overnight stays on the water are not permitted.

How do I know if my two stroke motor is direct fuel-injected and low emission?
Consult with the motor manufacturer. As a general rule, motors that are direct fuel injected will not have carburettors and these motors will be low emission.

Is there a restriction on engine size?
 Although there is no restriction on engine size, all vessels must not travel at a speed greater than 6 knots.

Why canít I use my old two stroke motor?
Wivenhoe is one of the main drinking water supply dams for South East Queensland. By restricting the motors to low emission engines, such as four strokes or direct fuel-injection two strokes, we are minimising the likelihood of pollution to the water. Older two stroke motors are proven high pollutant motors.

 How fast is six knots?
 Six knots is approximately 12 kilometres per hour. If your boat is Ďon the planeí, you will be travelling at over 6 knots.

Why are boats only allowed to travel at up to 6 knots?
 Lake Wivenhoe caters for more passive recreational pursuits. Lakes Somerset and Atkinson are both closely located to Wivenhoe and cater for the more high speed watercraft and activities, such as waterskiing, jet skiing and tubing. The community feedback received during the recreation review supported that this diversity of activity and experience was maintained.

Location and access
Where can I launch my motorised vessel?
 For your safety and to protect the shore around the lake, vessels are only to be launched and retrieved from designated launch points. The public boat ramps are located at Hamon Cove and Logan Inlet.
 How big is Lake Wivenhoe, and could I travel from one end to the other in a day?
 Lake Wivenhoe is the second largest lake in Queensland, and is over 50 kilometres in length. Launching from Logan Inlet and travelling at 6 knots to the upper reaches and back would constitute around an eight hour round trip.

Are there any places on the lake that that I canít go?
Yes. There is a vessel prohibition area approximately three kilometres upstream of the dam wall. This is for operational reasons. Access is also prohibited on land that is not part of a designated recreation area. This is private property and accessing this property would be considered trespass.

At Somerset Dam, I regularly get stopped by Rangers or Police checking my safety gear. Is Wivenhoe the same, and do I have to have the same safety gear aboard?
 The laws on all inland waterways are the same and set by Maritime Safety Queensland. If your vessel is registered then you are required to carry the full complement of safety gear. Details can be found on the MSQ website ( Rangers and Police will be actively patrolling Wivenhoe Dam.

 Are there any remote camp sites or mooring points where I can stay overnight?
Overnight stays on the water are not permitted and camping is only permitted in the designated camping grounds at Lumley Hill and Captain Logan Camp. All vessels must be launched from the boat ramps at the day use areas at Logan Inlet or Hamon Cove.

What do I do if I break down or run out of fuel when I am a long way from the boat ramp?
The operator of the vessel is responsible for the safety of the vessel and all passengers, and should plan for such events before launching. Please be aware that there may be areas of the lake that have little or no mobile phone coverage.
Genuine emergencies should be reported to Emergency Services by dialling 000 (or 112 from mobile phones). Your smart-phone may be able to access GPS to provide location details to assist in recovery.

Why do I need a boating permit?
 Seqwater uses the money raised by the boating permit system to part-fund patrols of the lakes and to help with the costs involved in providing and maintaining facilities for recreation.

I have a valid boating permit for Somerset, is it also valid for Wivenhoe?
 The valid permit will be acceptable at both sites, although the additional requirements for low emission motors and a 6 knot maximum speed will apply for boating on Lake Wivenhoe.

What do I do if I see someone going more than six knots?
Most importantly, try to get the registration of the vessel involved and/or take a photograph. If you are able to record this, please report it to Rangers on site or email or phone 1800 737 928. Never take matters into your own hands.

Where can I go waterskiing and jet skiing?
 Waterskiing, jet skiing, wakeboarding and tubing are not permitted on Lake Wivenhoe. You can enjoy these activities at Lake Atkinson and Lake Somerset. Lake Atkinson is about a 15 minute drive west of Lake Wivenhoe, and Lake Somerset is located less than an hour to the north.

Can I fish on the lake?
 Fishing is permitted from the shore, as well as from vessels. A fishing permit is required at both Lake Wivenhoe and Lake Somerset. Shore fishing is only permitted from designated recreation areas. Other areas around the lake are private property.
Fisheries Queensland controls the fishing rules and regulations in Queensland and administers the Stocked Impoundment Scheme (SIPS). To purchase a SIPS permit or for a list of outlets, call 13 25 23 or visit or ring 13 25 23.

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Re: FAQs - Boating and fishing permits for access to Lake Wivenhoe
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2013, 09:04:39 PM »
Here's another question I asked & received an answer for:

Q- If I have a 2 stroke motor on the back of my boat and only use electric motor, do I now have to remove the 2 stroke motor from the boat?
A - No, you don't need to remove the 2 stroke motor from the boat, but you cannot use the 2 stroke motor unless it is an emergency situation.

If anyone else has questions, throw them up & we will try to get a clarification.


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