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Battery charger

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I have purchased a 105 am AGM battery for a MinKotta 30 eletric ,am looking for name of battery chargers or am I best to go and get a MinKotta one

Where do you live?

Lockyer Valley


--- Quote from: fish38 on January 28, 2014, 09:48:44 PM ---Lockyer Valley

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Ipswich - Charlton's Fishing. Phone 3818 1677
Toowoomba - Tackle World Toowoomba (Mullet Gut Marine). ph 4632 9770

Both of these normally have them in stock. Or Gatton Home Brew but last time I was there they didn't have any.

Ask for Minn Kota MK210PA 10 amp charger, part number 114580. RRP = $219


Hey  mate I use a Matson infinite charger to charge the deep cycle batteries that power my electric, had it since around September 2012 and haven't had any problems.  There website says $349 but I'm sure I only paid $220 or something like that...

I like it because you can charge nice and slowly, which is important for a deep cycle, and it can diagnose the battery if there is a problem with it.

Good luck!


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