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Author Topic: Border Area Road Trip  (Read 6465 times)

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Border Area Road Trip
« on: May 06, 2014, 06:29:14 PM »
With Easter being full with commitments and  seeing that there was a public holiday also proceeding the Monday for Anzac day then a few plans were hatched to take some time off in between these days to do some fishing out west.

I get asked a lot for location information and access points. Really there is no secret with this type of thing and itís just a matter of having a look at the area that you want to fish and seeing whatís around.
Yep the good old paper map is still a starting point for me.

Once you identify the location and rivers that you may want to fish itís time to go that one next step further. Topographic maps used to be my next point of call but the internet with Google Maps and Google earth are way better in finding the info that you need.

The next steps are then to hit the road and see where you adventure takes you.

The best part is once you are then in an area itís time to see if your previous hard work has you where you want to be. Most of the time you have success. If not then itís not too far away, youíre out there so start investigating.

This trip was to  take in more than one river . Actually it was going to be one river a day for 4 days  and in different locations if things got slow. My fishing companion for this trip at the start was to be WayneD. After entering the TSR it did not take Wayne long to head down to the river while I was still setting up and start the exploring on foot.

We made our way upstream in search of our target fresh water species, that being the mighty Murray Cod.
The pool upstream was a large one with lots of new water to investigate.

A bit of a zoom in

I was lucky enough to get onto the board early with success after about 2 kmís of paddling.

Not much happened after that and we made the choice to head back towards the car to set up our sleeping arrangements for the night before it got dark. Our first home was a elevated site that was sheltered from the road as it was quite hilly and then raised up above the river itself.

Once all set up it did not take too long to get dark and we put together a bit of a meal of Hamburgers with salad before we went out for a night session to try for some top water. No success was had with that so it was time to turn the TV on. The reception as you can see was quite good.

After a few laughs it was time to get some shut eye.

On waking there was a chill in the air so Wayne got the coals going while I prepared some bacon and egg rolls for breakfast. Yes things are tough when your away from the big smoke.

We pushed downstream from camp and that first step into the cool water was not as bad as I thought. Then again having wet shoes from the day before sort of had me slightly prepared.

As you can see the area was a little on the ďgorgeĒ side and was quite picturesque

There was quite a bit of portage between the small pools, Some just wanted to have a quick happy snap

We had pushed down quite away before the first bigger pool came into sight. Once we made it to this it didnít take Wayne long to get onto the board.

The pool held not much more and we pushed further downstream. As it got tight and woody again, along with shallow water our chances for a fish were limited. I did manage a small cod that was obviously hungry and it took the whole lure with just the top of the bib showing.

Not long after gets this cod out of the area.

Working our way down Wayne was again on with this nice little yella. The first for the trip.

As the overhead trees opened in the next pool he managed another

The fishing may look good, but the water was skinny and shallow with limited opportunities. Every little snag and portage was investigated prior to sliding or dragging through to avoid the chance of spooking any fish.

It was a few pools after this that we decided that we needed to turn around and make our way back to camp. One last fish came from the return leg, it was in the same place that Wayne got the first cod for the day.

We got back to camp in the early afternoon. We packed up and hit the road for our next river. Along the way we stopped in the closest town for an ice block and ask basic directions as the best way we should travel to our next destination.

A few hours and a about 200kmís later we had reached our destination ( we did a little of a look at a few other possibles  on the way there ) and on arrival without scoping out where we were to set up for the night, we headed for the water and made our way upstream of river number 2.

The bigger water more than likely held fish, but we could not raise them. It took a few kmís of searching before Wayne nabbed the first Cod from this river.

They were definitely shut down for some reason and I was having no luck in getting a fish on board. Wayne did say I was being a great guide and he was on again to another green girl.

We pushed further up and the water was shallow and weedy. Just before we turned around Wayne gets another. The stream was about twice as wide as the length of the kayaks and you can see how shallow.

We made our way back downstream to camp. Scavenged around for some timer in the fading light and headed for the higher ground to make camp. We got the single burner out and smashed out some bangers to be had on bread rolls for tea. It was then time to get the TV on and see what was playing.

On daybreak with the sun not quite over the horizon we had a look around our elevated view before cooking up some bacon and eggs for breakie.

Not a bad view.

We packed up our still damp camp and moved down stream about 20km to start the next dayís adventure.

We went upstream at first to try out a junction and log jam of the river where it meets with another to form just the one. Yep, more dragging and shallow weedy water.

While there were logs everywhere and the place just screamed fish, we threw surface , spinner baits and hard bodies for no return.

Back downstream we traveled, past the launch point, under the road bridge and hoping for greater things. Well not much changed. The water level was still low, and the weed in the fishable areas was becoming annoying. I for that reason stayed with top water. I had a half hearted hit and that was about it.

Wayne found some clear water and managed to land this cod.

We continued downstream but not much changed. After 4 hours we elected to turn around and go looking for River number 4.

With kayaks on the roof we had about a 100kmís or so to get to our next location. The funny part of it all was that the GPS kept wanting us to go another way and back track. Was not going to happen, so we pushed on and headed back towards the Qld border.

This time after investigating a few other possible launch spots for next time we went straight for a camp site. It was heading into a public holiday again after all and the next spot that we wanted to spend the night can get a little busy.  Through town and about 10 odd kís the other side we put up our digs and headed back towards town and a few kmís to the other side to launch and head upstream.

Wayne was again on fire and not long after managed to get himself onto a nice yella.

Through more portage and he found another golden perch.

Where were the bloody cod? I was having a sh!t of a day and everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. Cast after cast was either fouled by weed, or snagged hard in the timber. However, jees I am getting annoyed by now and golden boy find the first cod for river number 4

And not long after at a mid-river snag ( see the little bit sticking out) he nabs another.

The sun was going down, I hadnít caught a bloody fish since yesterday mid-morning, what the hell is going on. The gods must be crazy. We loaded up and head into town. Once there we found that the public toilets also had hot showers so it was bath time for the first time for the week.  Ahhhhhh.

We grabbed a hot chook to have with salad that we had and made our way back to camp.

With food in the belly, it was time to get the Telle on. Had my favourite show on, and pretty sure it is a favourite for most.

What a day. No bloody fish, golden boy was smelling like roses and catching fish and telling me what a great guide I was, blah blah blah

It was about then that I felt a slight tremor. I could feel the earthís axis shift slightly.  The thing was that my good friend Wayne hadnít felt it. He just walked around all casual like, king of the bloody river in clean clothes, freshly showered till he stumbled upon this

Well hello. Who now is nothin but sh!t. Now realized why he is at times referred as Waynee Poo

We had overnight guests arrive, some were from Sydney and others from Brissy.Some of the lads went for a night surface hunt, and Dave got one while they were out before the river started flowing the wrong way. ( idiots got lost in the dark and back tracked )

Morning came and a quick look around and it was another pearler of a day.

Wayne was up about the same time and dropped down to the river and tried some early morning surface. (he got snagged Ė bwah hahhahahha, things were looking normal)

So, a new plan was hatched from me. Time to change the shirt, cover the face. These fish wont know it is me so I can now sneak up on them.

So with great in trepidation and new outlook on this fishing thing, off we went. Yep you guessed it, Wayne was first on again

The posse all headed upstream in search for more fish.

I kept firing off casts and finally a jolly green fish came aboard to say hello.

Then at the next pool it turned to gold and a yella wanted to say gíday.

That mid water snag was alright. Jeff pulled a fish from it then Wayne and I had a double hook up from the same snag. You wouldnít know but as the fish were so different in appearance.

I found a green one and so did Jeff

A bit further up we managed to break in a new virgin, and Pete managed his first Murray Cod.

Jeff managed another that in the end looked bigger than we thought. It went on the measure crinkle cut lieometer. It wasnít that big in the end.

Another pic of me with some green before the end.

It was now about 1pm and Wayne had to be home to pick up his girls so we pushed back to camp to pack up and head home.

With the tires humming along the highway and the sun getting lower in the horizon we pushed on home. The setting sun looked great on the hills amongst the range.

As we dropped over the other side of the range, Moogerah looked quite picturesque

Its about now that you would think that this story ends. However when Wayne and I headed back to camp, well the other lads kept fishing and I get a text on the way home along with a phone call.

It seems that Doug managed to land a larger than average cod on surface.

So yeah itís a bit alright after all. It goes 108 on the mat

Another of the girl before she swam away strongly on the way back to the water.

Now the reason they called me, was to advise what a beauty it was but also to tell me it was caught on one of my lures

Thatís right, the mighty 2Rís Lures by StevenM.

Which one?

Well it is a surface lure so it had to be called the


Thanks for reading.

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Re: Border Area Road Trip
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 06:40:33 PM »
Awesome report & pictures mate.  :Clap)  I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get out there.

Well done to everyone for some nice fish.... Looks like you had that TV tuned in perfectly.  ;)

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Re: Border Area Road Trip
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2014, 09:27:38 PM »
Nice report Steve.
Great photo's...captured some moments that make the trip, even if it's sometimes at the expense of others.

How about Doug's fish, what a bloody cracker!!

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Re: Border Area Road Trip
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2014, 10:34:42 PM »
Nice report Steve.
Great photo's...captured some moments that make the trip, even if it's sometimes at the expense of others.

How about Doug's fish, what a bloody cracker!!

How about Wayne incurring significant ligament damage to his knee from going head over biscuit in a cow pat :)

We shouldn't laugh........

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Re: Border Area Road Trip
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2014, 09:15:17 AM »
Great report fellas. Keen to get down that way soon to sort some Greens out, and you just give me more desire to make it happen


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