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sinking boat

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hi all..well noticed last few trips that when I pull the bungs at end of fishing day that theres a lot more water coming out than should... :'(ive looked under the boat and cannot see any holes...bungs rubber are I filled the boat with the hose this morning to see if I could see any leaks water escaping anywere....I couldn't see anything till water started coming out of live well black tap at back of boat just from the tap not the would there be a hole in the pipe and would that be enough to let water into the boat..threw the tap.??????? I really have no idea were to start..and im not mechanical minded....and the closet boat shop is roughly a hour or so....ANY HELP

It could be Brett.  The whole idea of a boat is to keep the water on the outside.  When they start getting water on the inside, something is normally broken.  Most times, this has something to do with the live well.  Is that the drain hose or the fill hose for the well?  Try shooting some water into the hose from the outside under pressure and see where it ends up.

 :youbeauty..cheers dale just put the hose on the fill tap were water was coming out of this morning..... under pressure and the live well pump and hose are leaking....into hull >:( :'(.....hope this is the major problem solved....ill try to plug the hole next trip to make sure that is the prob....then get a new pump next trip to a boat shop...thanks heaps for the help dale :thanks

Let's face it Brett, how often do you catch fish to need that live well???  :)

 :)) :)) :))yep your funny....not much really only when the young fella wants to keep a fish..other than that they all go back :thumbsup


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