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Freshwater Casting from Bowrider


Hi all, I am considering a second hand bow rider to cover dual duties as my bigger fishing boat and a family fun boat for towing tubes etc..

I'm looking at Clitrex Freedoms and Stacer Easy Riders primarily but happy to hear other suggestions.

I want to use mainly for Murray cod and yellowbelly fishing in rivers and lakes, but have some concerns, and hoping some of you may have experience with this:

* I plan to build a flat, removable casting deck for the front seating area. Looks like it should work but these boats have considerably higher sides than your usual cod fishing boat. Will this be an issue?

* A lot of the Clitrex Freedoms don't have very big motors, and don't seem to be rated for very high HP motors. Will say a 60-75HP tow a tube on one of these boats?

* Are they ok in shallow water encountered when cod and yella fishing? They seem to have a deeper draft.

Any info would be appreciated, I have access to small tinny's so thinking something more multi - purpose might be the go. Just don't want to shoot myself in the foot by trying to do too much with one boat.


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