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Dirty Water Bass


a recent trip to a favourite spot of mine had me almost in tears after the hour drive to find chocolate (coloured not flavoured) water. after trolling for 15minutes with a favourite lure atomic crank 38 that normally has them jumping in the yak had no result. i put out another rod with a kokoda gvibe (upgraded trebles of course) 10m later a bass on the gvibe. threw both lures back out 15m later a bass on the gvibe. switched crank to a ghostblade left the gvibe in the yak. 30m and bass on the blade. after spending more time pulling in fish then paddling and people looking at me like i had lepracy i called it a day. got a pb bass 46cm with 11 fish yakside in 2hrs. i only cast the lure out from my yak then paddled for results. troll faster then normal the blade has really gotta be vibrating. hope this helps you all with the chocolate invasion. i also had some stimulste barramundi scent on the lure.
fish can sense prey by vibration first then smell, sound and sight. chocolate water makes sight impossible. target the other senses.
did it mid-week 3 days later 14 fish yakside.

I have never tried trolling Blades/Vibes. Being a sinking lure, how deep do they troll or do they bounce off the bottom?

Thanks for the report Bassyakka you have got me thinking about trying that in my local chocolate coloured dam.  :youbeauty


it shouldn't hit the bottom. speed up the troll or use a lighter balde. i was only fishing about 2-4m of water so the 1/12 ghostblade seemed to work. in deeper water i use a ghostblade 1/12 and a heavier blade 1/8-1/2 depending on depth but you'd be surpised how many bass take the ghostblade in 6-10m of water.  put it out let it hit the bottom then paddle fast to get it up a bit and steady your paddle speed. when using 2 blades cast the light one first so it has more time to sink. its hard to say because i use a bit heavier rod than most with bass so i justget the tip vibrating. i spose its just a bit of trial and error in your location you might find trolling blades works in parts of the dam you dont normally fish. best of luck blading and i hope it helps with the chocolate invasion

Brad H:
The Japanese developed trolling Vibes many years back and I was lucky to have some instruction from a knowledgeable Japanese Bass angler on the method.
Since then I have caught many bass from various dams using this method. A little secret, if you look at the Japanese vibes alongside the US one's (Lewis, Cordell etc) you will notice the forehead on the Japanese ones will be wider and in some instances dished to provide more resistance and act sort of like a diving bib. And if you can read Japanese there will actually be a depth rating either on the package or in the catalogue/website  ;)

Brad H


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