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Wastepaper bin Shrimp trap.


I am sick of having my shrimp traps torn apart by eels,waterrats and large redclaw and also the pots catching heaps of small redclaw.
I came across these steel fine mesh wastepaper bins at Crazy Clarks for just under $4 each.

The first step is to mark a circle the same diameter as a 1.25l soft drink bottle.

As my hole saw will not cut the steel ithen drill a series of holes around the circumference of the hole and break the centre out.

I cut the bottom off the bottle level with the bottom of the label.This gives a nice long funnel for the shrimp to enter the trap and the small hole only leaves the smallest redclaw to enter the trap.
With the long funnel entrance it is difficult for the shrimp to find their way out of the trap compared with the commercial type traps..
I then cut around 8 vertical slots in the bottle around 2 inches long.

I then insert the bottle and bent the flaps over and pop rivet them to the bottom.

Repeat the process with the other side. I thought that it would be a good idea to use a permanent marker pen to write my name etc under the flaps where it would be hard to remove.  Didnt worry some mongrell as he knocked off 2 brand new pots first time I used them.

I then rivet on 4 locating tabs.

And then mount the bait holder. The bait holder is permantly located in the centre of the trap .This is to prevent the shrimp trying to eat the bait through the sides of the trap which can happen if the bait just rolls around the inside of the trap.

I then join the two halves together usung a loop of gal wire and also use the loop to attach the float rope.

I use cable ties to close the trap.

Since useing these traps I am averaging between 80 to 100 shrimp in each pot compared to around 10 in my old type pots.

Thanks for putting that up Ray  :youbeauty

What a top idea. What bait do you recommend?


Awesome idea Ray. I love it, thanks for posting.   :thanks

Are you taking orders?



--- Quote from: Pilly on March 27, 2011, 10:14:36 PM ---Thanks for putting that up Ray  :youbeauty

What a top idea. What bait do you recommend?


--- End quote ---
I use dog pellets. They last well and dont stink after a couple of days.

Wife has a couple of similar looking bins but with mesh bottom.
They might be going to disappear  ;)

be interesting to see how long before they corrode.


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