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Lake Mulwala Map & Pictures

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Some pictures of Lake Mulwala.

The google map is a bit obsolete as it was taken while the lake was very low. Gives you an idea on how much timber is in the lake though. Zoom in on the map for full effect.

Good facilities ( boat ramps and toilets )

Only downside , being xmas holidays there are plenty of water skiers using the lake. But once out amongst the timber, the chop is bearable.


Why the hell anyone would water skii there with all those partially submerged stumps is beyond me. Got me wondering what the oxygen levels in the water are with all that rotting timber through the lake ...

Nice pics.


The river bed is wide and  very well defined.  Closer to the wall the main basin is quite open.   I dont think there's any problem with oxygen levels

Is anyone going to fish the Cod Opening Classic there this year?

I was planning to do it this year Crackers, but I'll probably be in Darwin on opening weekend so I'll have to put it off for another year.


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