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The Long Paddock


The Long Paddock
Author: Peter Worsley 2001

This book, from the Rural Lands Protection Board in conjunction with NSW Agriculture (now NSW Department of Primary Industries), is a directory of travelling stock routes and reserves in New South Wales. It will help you to identify local sites for livestock agistment or for refuge in an emergency, as well as stock routes that can be used for the movement of stock to the saleyards or to feed in times of drought.

This book will also be able to help you find scenic bushwalking sites, idyllic picnic spots and plenty of places where native flora and fauna can be seen.

Can be purchased on-line via the NSW Govt book store at

Knew about this book

but does anyone have it? and what are your thoughts?

I purchased this few years back, can't  really recommend it as the maps are not detailed  detailed enough  , the Anglers Access Project has all the TSR's in their database it's just  a matter of waiting till it comes online.


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