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--- Quote from: Pinhead on November 15, 2014, 06:46:18 PM ---We have been doing some exploring around here a lot Fitzy. Now trying to find the old gold and copper fields in the Boyne valley area.. Most are on private properties so have to find out who owns them and get permission for access. Done some great drives through the National Parks in this region. The old Monto to Gladstone rail line is now overgrown and falling apart but got some great pics of it..I plan on getting a bit fitter and walking a lot of it..especially the tunnels sections.

--- End quote ---

How good is that?? It's a shame much of this history is not being recorded. Imagine if those old rail lines could tell you their story......

A bloke that was a fireman for 30 years was on that run at times. he has produced a small book on the history and building of the line in the 1920's. Good stuff and gives me some places to try and find.
I have some pics of the track at various places plus the railway dam at Many Peaks ( was used for water for the steam locos)

Brad H:
Many, many, many moons ago, I spent 6 months working at Builyan, putting up a drying kiln at the sawmill, caught the train from Bully to Gladstone and back a few times, You sort of got the feeling the old times must have been like from the old style carriage tacked on the end of the goods train. At that time the train went up to Monto, but I never went up the range on it.

There's some history in that end of the Boyne Valley, you could do worse than to drop into the Many Peaks Hotel for a yarn with the locals on a week night, some of them go back a ways, and have some stories to tell.

Even back then 30 odd year ago, there were prospecting teams out doing test wells and seismic mapping, looking for gold they say is still there in qty's worth digging for.


Spent the night at the Many Peaks pub a couple of weeks ago. Some rugged country through there..been giving the ute a workout on some of the tracks. Love it through there and the entire Boyne valley..awesome place full of history. Got so many pics already and plenty more to get.

Good old days when train carriages had windows that open and you can breathe fresh air.


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