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Lake Wendouree recent reports ?

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Anyone heard on the grape vine if this catchment is still full and has trout or reddies in it still ?

Going to Ballarat next Feb and will have the majority of 1 day free and taking the wand.

Also any info on Lake Burrembeet or Lake Learmonth.

Drop this fella a PM;u=79

Here's a link from June this year,

Last time I was in Ballarat the lake was totally dry and that was only 3 or 4 years ago.

Hey guys.

for others interested, here is the PM I sent bushwacker (reproduced here with is permission):

Hey Steve.

To be honest, I have not fished Wendouree a great deal however from all reports, it is going great guns after being completely dry about 5 years ago (trout stocked re-commenced 2010). Feb in Vic can be a little too hot for trout so take spin gear and see if you can nab a redfin (good on the plate). Use anything that looks like a slim profiled 5-7cm minnow and you're in with a good shot. You may do ok on a trout early morning when the water is a bit cooler, but if you get a few warm days (i.e. 30+) arvo may be a bit harsh on the trout as the lake is relatively shallow.
Reddies will have no issue grabbing a fly but they spend more time deep than looking for food on the surface so take an intermediate or sink tip line .
The lake has a walking track all the way around it so watch the back cast for pedestrians when fly fishing.

if the trout are about, pack a black muddler minnow and use it on the surface after dark as they will grab a live cricket from the top in summer.

here is a bit more info (probably seen this one) Grab a fishing license onlin here. they email you a PDF great tackle shop (I have no kicbacks :))

Cheers, NS

I have since learned after the refill they stocked the lake with Yellobelly.. have you heard this Slates ?


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