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Sweetwater Year of 2013

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Gíday all,

Itís been a while since I have posted on the forum, sharing info which I have really missed. I have been immensely busy weighing up on lifeís balance of family life, fishing and with that, contributing articles for a couple of magazines which seems to take up a lot of my time these days. With the year almost over and looking upon what has transpired in regards to anything fishy, I certainly canít complain with what fish has been caught.

There has been many highlights, one being our trip to Cape York with the family which will not be forgotten, an experience we all enjoyed tremendously. On this particular trip many salt water species were caught including our fair share of Barra, Jacks, Trevally and Blue Salmon. The fish that really had some significance to me on this venture north bound was an 80 odd centimetre Barra caught in the very upper freshwater reaches of the North Kennedy River on a TT Lure Tornado Spinnerbait.

Upon driving south back home from our trip to Cape York, we couldnít not drop in to, Lake Kinchant, one of our favourite Barra impoundments. Fishing from a 3.2m tinny with no electric motor and no fish finder we relied on our experience and managed 25 hooks up, landing 17 Barra in the two days we were there. Iím really looking forward to getting back up there in the New Year fishing from kayaks only.

A couple of firsts for me this year was targeting JPís and Sooty Grunter in the North Johnstone River near Innisfail and would have to be some of the best wild fishing I have ever experienced hands down. Unfortunately I had no one to share it with, but with a fish a cast, it will be suppressed in my memory forever!

Some other memorable moments were also had, targeting many freshwater species that take up residency within the vast creek and river systems in my local area, along with fishing Ewen Maddock Dam. Many wild and stocked Australian Bass over 50cm in length were caught, along with copious amounts of Golden Perch and one particular Saratoga which took a desired liking to a Z-Man 4Ē FrogZ on particular morning.

I also had the opportunity to head west over the Great Divide to explore some Murray Cod territory close to where I used to reside when working as a Station Hand, which was also a fantastic few days had, exploring about 20kmís of the Macintyre River where some good fish were also caught sharing good times with a few mates.

This year I also stood down as President of Ewen Maddock Fish Management Inc. which I have been since the groups founding, which has freed up more time to spend with family and friends and in doing so, alleviating a bit of weight off the shoulders, however Iím still quite involved within the stocking group and always will be.

I had one particular moment whereby I found myself in a slight dilemma, when contemplating whether to sell both of my boats, which in the end I did, causing many fond memories to flood back on great times had and gone by.
Anyhow, enough of me rambling on, hereís cheers to a great year and hoping that 2014 is just as bloody great!


Here's a few more photo's! :thanks

A Marshall:
Looks like you have had a very productive year Dave, hope the next one is just as exciting. Merry Christmas to you & your family, will have to catch up for a fish in the new year.

Cheers Andrew.

Right back at ya Andrew, thanks mate. I look forward to catching up next year for sure! :youbeauty

Nice one dave, still remember driving to your place for the very first emfmi meeting after seeing it here wondering what I had got my self into! hope next year is just as productive mate, must catch up for cold one and a fish.


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