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Lake Hume


The home of my youth, Lake Hume (Or the Hume Weir as it's known locally) is a very popular Trout and Golden Perch lake located on the border of Victoria and NSW near Albury.  It covers the junction of the Mitta Mitta and Murray Rivers, as well as Bowna Creek and Granya Creek.
The dam wall shown in this pic was a very good location for catching Redfin (English Perch) when I was young.  Back then, the road still ran across the wall and we'd let the boat drift up against the concrete and throw undersize Reddies up onto the road.  (Kids will be kids.)  There is a bouy line keeping boats away from the wall now.  I can remember looking through the spillway gates at the Murray River below.  The rock wall was a popular Trout trolling area too.

Looking from the wall, down the Victorian arm of the lake, the building in the middle of the pic in the distance was my family's holiday home.  Built in 1969 during the big drought, it was sold in the late '80's.  The water was our playground.

I can't remember many days being as calm as this.


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