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Bengalla Reserve - Qld. Dumareq River

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Bengalla Reserve - Qld. Dumareq River;sa=view&&&id=2711

Bengalla Reserve - Qld. Dumareq River

Update. More pictures from Bengalla Reserve attached below. Must be logged in to see them....

Fished very very poorly on last two visits upstream.

Once water was running super fast and last was bloody low. Would get heaps of pressure due to ease of access but

Had a pre Xmas camping / paddle there. Didn't fish much, was mainly kayaking but did pull 3 cod up to 75 - 80cm when I got the chance to have a cast (didn't want to get left behind) . Had a half hour night session near camp with paddlers for one big boof but no hookup.

Water is looking good there right now, a nice flow, good clarity. We had the whole reserve to ourselves.  :tick

A shame to see that some genetically deficient bogan fishos had been there with their dropper lines off the bank at the reserve. I felt so much better after I cut them all out. I noticed the droppers stopped at the end of the reserve.

A couple more pics from Bengalla Reserve attached below. (must be logged in to see them)

Spin the wheels much in the mrs bishi gettin out of there in pic 2


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