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Pearl Cichlids?


I went for a drive with the family today up the Brisbane Valley.

 Upstream of Linville at the Monsildale Creek rd crossing of the Brisbane River, (while the young fella was having a paddle around in the shallows beside the causeway), I noticed schools of what I think are juvenile fish from the Cichlid family. I used to keep braziliensis in aquariums back in the 80's and these looked very similar. I have heard reports of them in Lake Somerset but I was unaware they were also in the Brisbane. I wished I had a scoop net or something so I could get a better view. They were everywhere mixed amongst the gambusia in the shallow water beside the crossing. The only native fish I could see was the odd Spangled perch. Anyway, here's some pictures.

Looking downstream.

Looking upstream.

Steve (elops) , what do you reckon??


Yes most likely Dave, G. brasiliensis now endemic to SEQ easier to list where they are not than where they are. Would get rsi typing a full list of CA & SA cichlids and hybrids thereof in SEQ.

Fishing Somerset last Wednesday and my mate caught a 15cm Pearl Cichlid on a small soft vibe on an eastern point just north of Kirkleagh. Fish was killed and submitted for ID.

They certainly exist there and would no doubt be downstream in Wivenhoe as well...




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