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Reason for Lake baroon (Qld) closure to trailable craft.


We used to get updates for dam closures etc from SE water but that seems to have stopped early this year.
Baroon pocket has been closed for a while so I inquired why and here is response from SEQ water.

Wondering if anyone has been there and is the ramp chained off ? it would be handy to drive your car to waters edge to unload yak. ;)

Good morning Ray

The southern boat ramp at Baroon was subject to a risk assessment in September when water levels fell below 50%. This resulted in the ramp being closed to trailerable vessels but remaining open to paddle craft and shoreline fishing. Exposure of the submerged roadway which was being used as an extension of the boat ramp allowed assessment of the condition of the road surface and surrounds for hazards and potential safety concerns. As a result of this inspection the trigger level for closure of the ramp is set at 66%.

Although recent inflows have resulted in an increase in water level (just over 66% today) the water levels have not yet reached the trigger for reopening which is set at higher level than for closure.  We would generally expect the trigger for reopening to sit at approx. 1 months usage over the closure trigger for any given site.

This buffer means we can provide some certainty to users regarding access. As an example Baroon is currently at 66.2% but we could realistically expect that with drawdowns to supply consumers that level could fall below 66% within a week or even shorter period.




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