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Looking for Collection of Tasmanian Devils


During Christmas dinner this year I learned that the Tasmanian Devil lure collection my father had for years was stolen when his truck got broken into during the summer. I know how proud that he was over this collection so I am going to try and track down as many of these lures as possible, which is starting to be difficult as a lot of the older lures are not for sale anymore. If anyone knows of a website that would have some Tasmanian devil lures I would be able to purchase that would be amazing; likewise, if anyone would be willing to get rid of some of their collection I would be seriously grateful. I don't expect to get a huge response here for this but thought I would see anyways. Thanks.

I have had to rebuild what I can remember Dad having in his collection piece by piece, but thanks to some amazing sellers on I was able to buy quite a few at a time from various periods. I am still trying to piece together the rest of the collection but I feel I might be able to give this to my dad in the next few months or so.


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