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Reel Schematics


G'day guys.

I'm a long time tinker-rer and will often re-grease/service reels when I want an excuse to sit in the shed with a cool drink.

The bad thing is those pesky left over bits that always seem to hide under the paper you put down. you know, those ones you find after the reel is all back together!

anyway, here's a handy (USA) site that has heaps of reel schematics so you can keep track of all those spare springs and screws etc...

Cheers, NS

Here is a link for reels from the Japanese domestic market.

if you can't find schematic, take a few pics in closeup mode........
less left overs........
Even do a search on google groups   .
It always amazes me what I find on the net...
I came across the Mitchell schematics a while back...

Hi Folks!

I have a disc with most of the reel shcematics from 1933-2011 on them from Abu-Garcia, Accurate, Alutecnos, Antal, Avet, Browning, Daiwa, Dam Quick, Everol, Finnor, Hardy, Lews, Mitchell, Okuma, Penn, Pinnacle, Precision Auto Progear, Qualia, Rapala, Red Pig, Shimano, Scientific Angler, Shakespeare, Quantum and Zebco!!

I have 4 or 5 from memory if anyone is interested.  They retailed on my website for $20 but I will do them for the cost to post them.



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