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Author Topic: Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report. For 5th January 2015  (Read 3864 times)

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Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report. For 5th January 2015
« on: January 06, 2015, 09:07:04 PM »
Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report. For 5th January 2015
By Steve Williamson. – Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Adventures. Shop -02 64561551

Hi and welcome to the first fishing report for 2015. Wishing you all the best and hope you catch plenty of trout over the next 12 months.
The weather has been kind and the trout are biting. We have had no trouble getting a couple of trout at least each fishing session and it looks like the trout have finally settled into a more regular feeding pattern. Over the week leading up to the New Year it surprised us just how many big rainbows were getting caught in the Thredbo River given that there were quite a lot of people fishing in the river but that is good. There are also plenty of smaller trout rising each evening which has also kept the dry fly anglers very happy.

The Lake level has been steady at 86% and it is looking fantastic!
The Lake temperature today was 20 degrees C (on the surface).

Best methods to catch a trout.
Best method – Boat trolling from 3 to 10 metres.
Best lake lure – Tasmanian Devil number 111 and Rapalas CD7 in patterns RT and BT.
Best lake area – Still look at the sheltered bays for best fishing.
Best fly method lake – Black and olive Woolley buggers and Williamson’s Goldfish.
Best River Fly Fishing– Brown Beetle, tea tree beetle, stimulator patterns and Caddis patterns.
Best River Lures – Gillies feathertails, Floating 5cm Rapalas in natural colours.
Let’s have a look at what the fishing is going to be like over the next week.

The boat trolling has been good with very good rainbow trout being caught. You need to mix it up a bit and certainly trolling a little deeper is best. 3 colours of lead core line seems to be best. In the middle of the day we have been using downriggers. Downrigger depth however has not been as deep as in previous years either with 35 feet about perfect.
Start off early in the day with surface lines and the trick is to have at least 60 metres and even up to 100 metres of line out to get best results when trolling the edges of the shoreline, and after about an hour add a lead core line into the equation. With lead lines you should start with two colours (20 metres) early and three colours (30 metres) later in the morning.
The Tasmanian Devil number 111 “Willy’s Special’ is still about the best Tasmanian Devil colour at the moment followed by the yellowing brown bomber. My new black/gold Tasmanian Devil or the Holographic has been the best for darker conditions and also have been good for downrigging.
I have also been doing well with 9cm Rapalas down off the downrigger and lead lines and the Bullet LED flashing lures also have helped at times. Best colours are rainbow trout and brown trout. With water levels still high, some of the better trolling areas this month will be Hatchery Bay and Hayshed Bay and Sid’s Bay through to Rushes Bay however watch the rocks as the East Jindabyne Islands start to reappear as the water levels drop.

Lake Bait Fishing
(Primarily most rivers and streams in the Snowy Mountains Region are fly and lure only, We recommend that you first check with the Department of Industry and Investment NSW (NSW Fishing rules) as to which rivers in the area you can legally bait fish in. IF IN DOUBT DON’T BAIT FISH in the RIVERS!)
Bait fishing on Lake Jindabyne, has been good over recent months with the higher water levels. Mudeyes have been good used under a float or even worms under a float and either let the waves move the float about or if no wind try and wind it in very slowly with a pause every turn of the handle. Artificial maggots are also worth a try under a float. We also have some other artificials that look very much like a real mudeye.
Best bait fishing areas are Creel Bay, Hatchery Bay and Curiosity Rocks. Another great area is the bottom of Discovery Holiday Park near Widows Creek Inlet.

Lake Spinning
Best lure spinning has been on the lake has been in the shallow bays early and late in the day and you can start by spinning the edges with Gillies feathertails, Celtas or flicking floating Spotted Dog Rapalas and Bullet lures.
Great reports from people spinning with the glow Vibrax spinners in the dark.
Best spinning late in the day is where there are steep drop offs with plenty of rocks will be the best areas. Bays like Creel, Hatchery and the Snowy Arm all fish well. On brighter days, change to a Tassie and cast further out over drop offs, letting the lure sink before you slowly retrieve.
Best areas have been down at the South Arm, Hatchery Bay or near Banjo Patterson Park.

River Spinning.
Fish are still being caught in the Thredbo River also on small Rapalas in the floating variety with the best colours being rainbow trout and perch. You can also try some Gillies Feathertails or Vibrax Glow spinners very early and late in the day or some soft plastics like the Strike Tiger, olive pepper.
On the smaller streams like the Moonbah or upper Snowy, a variety of lures will work, but the best will be small bladed spinners, like the Gillies Feathertails or Celtas in numbers one or two sizes. For deeper water the Rapala CD5 Spotted Dog or Gillies Tailbender.

Fly Fishing Lake
Some of the best lake fly fishing is during the coming months and this year with the steady lake level we should see some big fish caught. Try any of the streamer patterns such as Mrs Simpson and Williamson’s Snowy Mountains Gold Fish. Olive green nymphs and shrimp patterns are also worth a try.
You may get an evening rise after a sunny day but to date they have been few and far between on the lake.
The South Arm, Creel Bay and Kangaroo Bay (if you have a boat) are all great for fishing at the moment.

Fly fishing Rivers and Streams
On the rivers, the Thredbo River the fishing has been spectacular as the season has been late this year and we should continue to see some fantastic dry fly fishing again this month.
The Alpine streams are still at their best and plenty of small fish are being caught on dry fly.
Fly selection is not too critical in these streams but placement is critical or else you just scare all the fish.
Flies you must have are brown beetle patterns, Snowy Hopper, Stimulator, Royal Wulff and Parachute hoppers. Maybe a brown and a black nymph if the fish are not rising and a white moth or white Wulff and maybe you had better throw a midge pattern, brown mayfly and an Adams in as well to make certain you have most circumstances covered.

For more information on the latest fishing conditions, please call into –
Shop 1 Snowline Centre, Kosciuszko Road Jindabyne 2627
Fishing Charters – Bait and Tackle Supplies- Marine Supplies
P.M.B. 5 Jindabyne NSW 2627 E-mail Shop – (02) 64 561551


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