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Great service by Charltons Fishing


Great service that deserves recognition.
So here we go - I purchased an Old Town Saranac 146 from Charltons a couple of weeks ago, picked it up on Saturday and again, thanks Craig for staying back late and waiting for me.
On arriving home and unpacking it I found the seats had been put in crooked and a couple of reverts had not snapped off leaving sharp finishes. This is not to knock the supplier or take anything away from the quality of Old Town Canoes, sometimes things just happen and slip through the cracks.
I rang Craig and discussed the small issues I had and without hesitation he said he would organise other one ASAP. Only two days until Xmas he rang the next day and my replacment was there. I took the other one back and he replaced it without hesitation.
The service from Charltons was top notch.
Cheers to all the team at Charltons,

They're always helpful at Charltons.  Well done Craig.


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