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Daly River - NT


Some pictures from the Daly River, Northern Territory. Many pictures are when the Daly was in flood being 15 meters up & dropping over 10 meters over a week.

More of the same location in the Gallery at;cat=28

A feeder creek running into the main river

A few lure changes for a morning session

The mouth of Waterfall Creek. Found some boofing barra here & had a hot session on fizzers.

Elliot Creek

This meter + barramundi was caught near The Cattle Yards. Angler - Ted Newstead from Tasmania. Ted caught 2 x meter+ barra in an hour on that day.

Color Changes where run off water meets the river

Elisabeth Creek

What a difference a week makes. Top picture was taken at the top of the Mango Farm Boat Ramp when the Daly was at 15m, the second a week later.

The Mango Farm Marina

More pictures at;cat=28

Dick Pasfield:
Nice run off  :thumbsup

Big Rivers often = big fish. The Daly didn't disappoint that trip. Was fishing the Nationals, came 8th overall. Think I need to go back again,,,, soon.  :walkplank



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