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More fur 'n' feather eating sootys


Dick Pasfield:
This trip was from the weekend before last and the first of plenty more now that the fish have shuffled off their dry season lethargy.  Most of the afternoon was spent on a creek working under the canopy. 

The session said a lot for small is best, an archer fish ripped most of the stuffing out of a fly that went on the catch the two best fish of the day.  It also said a lot for just plain white, that was the colour of what remained.

Currently enjoying picking up the fly rod, though I'm sure it cringes in mortal fear of its continued existence when I do.  I'm bound to get day ;D ;D








Man you got it made up there awesome pictures :youbeauty

Seeing water that clear almost seems like a distant memory what with all the rain we have had this spring.  Beautiful shot mate.  Top quality !! :yourock


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