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Introduced to a Dahlberg Diver

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Dick Pasfield:
Fella I know sent me one up a while ago with a nod and a wink.  Didn't know what it was but pegged for a popper of some sorts so put it in the the box for the right time.

Yesterday was overcast with just a sprinkle of rain, figs were dropping off the trees and my first fish regurgitated one straight away.  The feathery thing popped up in my mind straight away.  After the third fish that came out of the weed to hit my offering on the surface I made the change.  Next cast and dog and I knew we weren't in Kansas no more! The first fish hit it three times, the last two boat side.  Went on to pull another seven fish out from under the canopy before dark. 

Worked out the weed guard is as good as keeping the thing from snagging up in trees as it is on aquatic weeds.  Could lob it right into the black bits and if it caught up a soft jiggle plopped it on to the water.  Fish are pretty keen on those drop down presentations so if one was around it was mine.

Showed it to my neighbour this morning who gave me its name.

Loved the swimming action, looked like a big frog.  Cane toads might end up in a bit of trouble in the lake iferun they're going to swim around like that :D


Nice report & photo Dick.

Have you got Barra Tracker (Dog) a spotters Fee Xmas Present yet?

A rain coat might be a healthy addition under the tree this season...

Cheers Lyndon. :youbeauty

Dick Pasfield:

--- Quote from: SeekingBarradise on December 20, 2010, 09:02:41 PM ---
A rain coat might be a healthy addition under the tree this season...

--- End quote ---

We have those ;D

Has dog got a PFD?

Nice fish Dick. Just love Sooties & their willingness to attack things & them do it all over again.  Got a few here that are mostly gathering dust Dick. If you're going to get into fluff chuckin a bit more I'll post them up.



When I originally got some, I didn't have any luck at all, so discarded them to the 'not in favour' fly box :thumbdown :thumbdown. Whoever designed them didn't know what they were talking about. That was until I was fishing with a bloke who actually knew what he was doing and saw how I was suppose to use them :-[.  Big difference, now they are back in favour and bass, toga, barra all love them.  Perhaps my earlier comments about their designer were a tad premature! ::)

Great photo and story.



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