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New too Bass Fishing


Hi Guys,

I'm looking at fishing the dams around kingaroy using soft plastics and S/B, I've never fished freshwater before and waas after all the help i can get from rod set up to what lures to use.

Look forwarded to hearing from you all


A Marshall:
Hi James, welcome to Sweetwater. Have you done a search on the forum? There is a mountain of info contained in the files.
Personally I use three main set ups for Bass.
1. A 1-3 kg composite rod with a 1000 size threadline running 4 lb braid & 8 lb leader, good for small soft plastics & light surface lures.
2. A 3-6 kg composite rod with a 2500 size threadline running 10 lb braid & 16 lb leader, good for throwing spinnerbaits & trolling deep diving lures.
3. A 3-6 kg baitcaster with suitable overhead reel again running 10 lb braid & 16 lb leader.
All my rods are 7 foot long, but this is a personel thing & you may find other rod sizes may suit you better.
As far as lures go, I find spinnerbaits hard to go past & there are plenty of good ones in the Sweetwater store, also the range of Garra lures advertised  & for sale here have proven very successful for me.
Have a chat to the local tackle shop in Kingaroy as I am sure they will also be happy to sell you everything you need & offer some good advise to go with it.
Good luck on your quest.

Cheers Andrew

Cheers Andrew mate I've found a tackle shop in Kingaroy and the guys were very helpful can't wait to get in to it :youbeauty

I like shorter baitcasters, around 6 foot or slightly under, 2 to 5kg.
I generally use 6lb braid and 6lb mono leaders unless the dam is freshly flooded then I'll go 10lb leader (6lb tends to break when trying to retrieve lures from submerged grass)


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