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What weed is this?

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Since the January flood , all along the Brisbane River this weed is in the process of taking over the river's banks. Any idea what it is? It has a thorny trunk/stems on it.


No idea on the weed but damn those snags look good. Did you pull any bass from there?

I know them as castor oil plant.
Introduced weed, my pommy mother in law loves them, even planted them in her garden.  :o

really good at getting a hold on in disturbed soil, which I suppose most of the banks are after the flood.

Looks like a member of the native Rosella plants (related to Hibiscus). If the thorns on the stems are small and "glass-like" almost clear it will get a flower like a hibiscus - large white petals with a purple maroon centre. However the rosella has a leaf half way between whats in the picture and a dope leaf with the blades of the leaves more separated but I have seen a few variations. The leaves on that look more like a Castor Oil plant. There is one easy way to tell just break a leaf or stem and if it is white sap will ooze just don't get it in your mouth or eyes. The native Rosella self seeds very easily so this may be it. Pat

Castor oil plant seeds very poisonous contain ricin.


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