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Check your bowmount bolts!


When launching the boat this morning, as I powered up the bow mount I noticed it seamed to lift a bit more than usual. Hmm I thought, better check the bolts when I get home.

So off I went, checking the shrimp pots. As the dam had recently risen I was having to power over the weed beds to get to the newly submerged grass so was giving it a bit of stick. Bumping the bank a bit in the process.

As I was picking up the 3rd pot, daughter says to me, "how come you didn't bring the front motor dad?"

I looked up and was greeted with the sight of an empty bow! Holy cr@p, and a few other choice words went through my mind. Raced up to the front and there was my bow mount, sitting half in the water half on the bank. Looking at it three of the 10mm bolts had lost their nuts, leaving just one holding on. (and yes they had split washers on them) As I had bumped the bank, it had pushed the motor under and snapped the remaining bolt out of the piece of marine ply it was bolted to, with the whole lot then going overboard. Luckily the power head etc was on the bank, the prop in the water.

Quickly picked it all up and put it in the boat. Said a few more expletives, this time with "thank" in front of them. Just as well daughter noticed because if I had doen my usual "back off" before moving to the next pot I would have dragged the lot in to the water as the cables were still connected.

So checking the bolts are tight on the bow mount is now in my regular maintenance list!


Lucky escape there andrew, Im off to check my nuts now.....

Had the same problem six months ago after many bumpy rides in Moreton Bay.  Changed the nuts to nylock nuts and no dramas since.

Still check them from time to time though...



Nyloc nuts  always

After thinking about the replacement cost of the stainless bolts, I thought of a cunning plan, mild steel, then the mongrels would rust solid after one salt water trip ! never come undone!

Couldn't do it though, although I have downgraded to galv bolts for the moment, couldn't get stainless locally.


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