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Freshwater flows, barramundi and the Fitzroy

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Hi all....

This is a reasonably 'heavy' read but the research done by Doc and Julie over the last several years is vital to ensure 'water' managers are also atune to fisheries managers....

Thanks for passing on whilst some of it is over my head anything that helps us understand the life cycle and the environmental impact of nature and man  can only improve the fishery for both recreational and commercial fishers.

Thanks for putting this article up.
This has been proven with the high numbers of Barramundi recruitment that occured during the previous two wet seasons in the Fitzroy. Check out the results from the Barra Bounty for proof. We are in for a few great seasons ahead of us in the Fitzroy unless the netters wipe them out.


Dick Pasfield:
Interesting and the data supports what many rec anglers have known or suspected, that good wets produce the fish :). 



I agree...... many a fisher - black / white....rec / pro.... scientist / average Joe - thinks they have a good understanding of the Fitzroy and just when you think you know it. !!! 

2011 has shaped as one of the worst Barramundi 'recruitment' years in a long time ~> when everything was suppose to 'align' and river flows were 'supposed' to create ideal recruitment conditions....the river throws this one up.  Hey go figure...keeps the fisheries scientists with smiles on their faces.


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